Types of Men in the Cam World

Types of Men in the Cam World



Hey there!

Went MIA lately, but had my time full with other projects and I admit, been watching a lot of TV series lately. But here I am now, and I promised myself I’ll be more consistent writing on the blog here. This time I’m going to group men into categories I think they fit, according to my experiences in the industry. My intention is not to be rude or harsh, nor to offend anyone ; just take it as it is and tell me which category you think you fit in

So here it is :



Trying to make me laugh? You get a point from me! The jokers are those that always try to be funny in a chat room – telling the public a joke or the model in a private message to draw attention. Some of you guys are funny, but sometimes I stare at the screen and ask myself : “What the fuck was that” -it’s like I’m commanding CharlesBot to write jokes. Jokers are always nice to have in the room, especially when quiet, because it breaks the ice and makes things less awkward, but let’s not just do only that.

“Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it’s easier than explaining what is killing you inside.” – Heath Ledger


You are the worst, and sadly, nowadays, less than 10% of the people in a room actually interact. They silent ones are either freeloading, waiting for the “whales” to tip for the countdowns, or probably gently rubbing their dick waiting to see something more to fantasize about when the model’s not showing any nudity. If you are a silent one, please get the fuck out of my room LOL

“Sometimes you don’t have to say anything.Silence speaks it all” -Disha Patani


Addressed to those of you that have strange requests, or fantasies or really shocking scenarios. Got asked once by a guy if I’d let myself be fucked by a dog, or if I wanna send my feces in a jar ( like what the hell, you want to clone me or what?), if I’d have sex with my parents, or if I’d jump a roof to see if I can fly etc. These are just few of what I remember now, but seriously, who the fuck broke your mind this bad and let you loose? Cam sites is not the place you should be.

“I think I have a pattern of nice and lovely,and then dark and twisted” -Ryan Murphy


I love romantic guys, probably because I haven’t had enough of this either in the cam world, or outside that. You love that love creating a connection, making me feel comfortable, not just a sex object.You are a sweet talking gentlemen that I can almost feel you whispering in my ear sugar, making me imagine all those things… Ohh yeah – that’s my porn.

“A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman,the understanding; a pure one, the soul” -Minna Antrim


If you are a possessive one, means you like controlling- the model, the woman, the way things evolve while online and offline.You don’t like not knowing what’s going on and definitely you hate surprizes. Probably you’ve got the rest of your life carefully planned.  You want the woman all for yourself , as you used to do with your toys, and you don’t like anyone else even taking a glance at her. Well, there’s plenty of fish in the pond and you might be losing something better

“Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening” -Maya Angelou


You got a lot of money and you like showing it off – taking care of your favourite model/s and spending it like 50CENT. You’re a good addition to any model , contributing to her life goals and her desires. I’ve had contact with few “bankers” in the years of camming, not all having anything more than just money to offer.
Damn, guess money can’t buy character.

“if you’re afraid to fail, then you should go become a banker” -Yossi Vardi


You are a masculine flower – needing so much attention and you must be handled with care. You get offended easily and you have insecurities you cast on the model/s you connect with. You said “sorry” in almost every sentence or conversation, and only God knows for what you’re apologising so much.  Don’t worry, I’d still like you, and no one is perfect.

“beauty of whatever kind, in it’s supreme development, invariable excites the sensitive soul to tears” -Edgar Allan Poe


You talk so dirty that you could make Eminem jealous. You’ve got a potty mouth and you can’t help it.You tend to present everything in an obscene manner and you’re shameless. Describing all those nasty things you’d do to me makes me think only your mouth is big, while your dick is not. If you’d keep it for a private conversation and set the mood right, could work.

“He touched himself and smiled wickedly. The filthy thoughts that went through his mind are not worth mentioning.” -Jason Medina


First thing’s first, you should say a “hello” before asking questions. The most common ones are “where you from”, followed by “what’s your name” (in case you can’t figure it out from the username), and of course my horse “how old are you”. Personally, I dislike answering to those, because age is irrelevant, location I can say whatever and name is stated everywhere on my profile- plus, responding to that every 10 minutes can become annoying 🙂 I can also fit in those of you that before reading info on profile/website ,you ask all the questions that have their answers there. D-uhhh

“Be like Curious George, start with a question and look under the yellow hat to find what’s there” -James Collins


You’re like a bee, spreading the love and money in so many rooms you can’t even remember all the models- most of the time you’re mixing names or if the model changes appearance, you’re so happy because you think there’s a new model on the site. You like sharing and having a little from everyone, never settle for one favourite- you’re such a catch! Can’t say I’m a big fan of those that come once and never come back.

“when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” -Maya Angelou


You’re married with children and you have an adventurous side – you need a mistress to satisfy all your hidden wishes( your wife thinks you’re a perv if you ask for anal ) and get out of the routine you’re stuck in for years.
So nothing easy that just log on the site and find the one that gives you chills – be smart and delete browsing history though.Your adventure will have to end or pause when the clock strikes twelve, wifey’s home 🙂

“i love being married.It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life” -Rita Rudner


You get so involved you think you’re the lucky one – the hubby. The model’s one and only and you will get to live happily ever after. You start loving her and giving all for the relationship. Darling, should I remember you it’s a virtual world ?  There are cases where the fairytale actually happened and people found true love but that’s pretty rare. And I absolutely don’t plan to get married.

“The husband who decides to surprise his wife is very often much surprised himself” -Voltaire

Read the article ” 10 things not to say/do to a cam girl  ”  . You might like it!

I’m curious now LOL, which one you think you are?
Drop a comment and share your opinion!
See ya!

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