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Don’t know about you guys, but I feel the year is just starting – and Jan was a trial month …

‘I don’t believe in stereotypes. I prefer to hate people on a more personal basis.’ -Benjamin Franklin

Finding myself in a world where everyone wants to be someone, where you have to adjust in order to fit in, where you are supposed to prove yourself to everyone else, I say: fuck all that grinning.

From the very beginning of times, humans started grouping people into different categories, assuming that one or more of those people’s features, behavior or beliefs defines them indefeasible.Stereotyping is also related later to discrimination and prejudice. I’m not gonna go deeper into terms and fancy statements, I’m not a psychologist 🙂 but I’m going to share my opinion of stereotypes nowadays.

Some of the simplest categories I encounter every day are : beauty vs. ugliness, smart vs dumb, rich vs poor. As I wrote in the “Beauty” article, we perceive beauty with our own eyes. And through our own concepts of beauty. Same applies to other categories.

I’ve been stereotyped many times, starting with my appearance. Having tattoos from an early age, people have defined me – that I don’t respect my body, that I’ve ruined the “perfect” body God gave me etc and etc. Changing looks often was also a big deal – people saying I’m insecure or looking for attention. Being in the industry of camming was and still is a big issue (in some people’s opinion) – that I am stupid or don’t have any respect for myself as a woman, that I am shameless.

People’s thoughts never brought me down and I never tried to adjust so that I be likeable. I carried on, minding my business and doing my thing. So should everyone do. It doesn’t make you stupid just because you aren’t successful – it means you are taking smaller steps to get to your goal. It doesn’t make you ugly just because other people dress up, wear more expensive clothes, or have a different hairdo – it makes you unique and makes you look strong. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor – because materials come and go – one day roles can be reversed, and then the only thing that matters is your character. What I think is that stereotypes were created by weak people, full of insecurities, and for them to feel better about themselves, they created dangerous categories, so they can attack on a psychological level.

But what if being ugly was good, or rich meant bad?

It all comes down to being yourself, regardless of people’s opinions. No one can dictate what you should look like, what to wear and how to act. Maybe parents, because they provide home and food until you grow a pair and make your own money LOL. If you obey the stereotypes and try to follow some stupid-ass rules, you might realize that it was not worth it. We only got one life so we should make the most of it!

“One day, you life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching” -Gerard Way

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February 4, 2019

Good read,well thought out and expressed.
I do not like tats,but my choice….so if others want them…that is the choice they made….so all good.

I think the person with the shell of the body is what counts.

People I get on with or do not get on with…down to choice again.

February 4, 2019

Stereotypes are societies way of make itself feel better after all who cares when they watch a video of somebody hurting themselves they just laugh but how different it is when it happens to them. So i figure the only people who should matter ie make a difference to how a person feels about thier life is yourself, family and then friends. If some got a problem with who you are as a person thats thier problem not yours. Stereotypes are stupid but like many things they are just a part of life

February 4, 2019

I dont like stereotypes personally I feel it’s just an excuse for people to hurt otherwise for their own benefit like when people enjoy watching videos of people humiliating themselves or even worse hurting themselves even though if it was happening to them would be horrible to experience maybe it’s easier to hate then it is to love. But anyway life is to short for stereotypes to get people down if someone got a problem with you thats their problem not yours happiness comes from within

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