1. Martin

    Well thought out….planned and written…I was in your room the other night for the first time….jasper56…not that I expect you to remember…Life is what WE all make it…so why not try to make it better for all,and simply be nicer to each other…treat others as you would like to be treated.

  2. Martin

    Good read,well thought out and expressed.
    I do not like tats,but my choice….so if others want them…that is the choice they made….so all good.

    I think the person with the shell of the body is what counts.

    People I get on with or do not get on with…down to choice again.

  3. Pathesus

    Stereotypes are societies way of make itself feel better after all who cares when they watch a video of somebody hurting themselves they just laugh but how different it is when it happens to them. So i figure the only people who should matter ie make a difference to how a person feels about thier life is yourself, family and then friends. If some got a problem with who you are as a person thats thier problem not yours. Stereotypes are stupid but like many things they are just a part of life

  4. Pathesus

    I dont like stereotypes personally I feel it’s just an excuse for people to hurt otherwise for their own benefit like when people enjoy watching videos of people humiliating themselves or even worse hurting themselves even though if it was happening to them would be horrible to experience maybe it’s easier to hate then it is to love. But anyway life is to short for stereotypes to get people down if someone got a problem with you thats their problem not yours happiness comes from within