Hi! I’m Eva and I get naked for a living.

Strange way to introduce myself ? Think again. If you are bothered by my nakedness or you are judgemental, means you are on the wrong page. Time to click return to Google LOL.

Some may say it’s sinful or degrading what I do, that I am shameless or I have some unresolved psychological issues; that I am a poor misguided soul seeking approval under the yoke of patriachal powers. Thing is, I am not looking for anyone’s approval or opinion in fact. I am fine with what I do and I’ve managed over the years to get better at it and brand myself. I earn my own money, I produce my own content, I am self-employed. I believe in any other industry, I would be considered successful – but this insecure society we live in was taught to degrade and sexualise a woman’s body.

As i see it, everyone tries to fit in and get some kind of ratification or acceptance from the society, therefore we judge and hate what we don’t understand.We post on social media what people like or demand, selecting and re-selecting,editing and re-editing until a post doesn’t represent us anymore, just what people request.

Back to me – I’ve been introduced to the cam industry when I was barely legal, having no idea what to do on a broadcasting site or what actually meant. I watched so much porn to understand people’s requests and learned how to fulfill men’s desires. At that time, I was still in college and preparing myself for a successful economics career. As time went by, I found myself more and more intrigued by the cam world, with all its good and bad parts. Coming from a middle-class family, I seized the opportunity to earn more that I ever would on a regular “not-shameful” job, and possibility to achieve my dreams was laying in front of me.

I chose a path I had no idea where it would lead me…
After so many years, I still wouldn’t change a thing – I’ve learned so much and grew into the woman that I am today 🙂

The reality is that there is no correct path in life.Everyone has their unique journey.”   –    Daniell Koepke

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