Been a really crazy year with lots of changes hasn’t it? 

It took me a while to decide if I should share my thoughts about this marvellous platform or not – well, here it is 

First of all, for those that have no idea what OnlyFans ( aka OF ) is, let me summarise: It’s an online platform where anyone can become a content creator and monetise that by allowing other people to subscribe for a monthly fee or lock the content behind a paywall or via a pay-per-view feature in private messages.

The content doesn’t have to be necessarily pornographic, there are creators in various fields like : fitness, cooking, artists, sports etc. 

Here’s a few facts about OnlyFans :

– It has over 1 million active creators 

– It has over 75 million registered users 

– 80% of the creators make an average of $150 per month 

– The famous Bella Thorne made over 1 million $ in 24 hours on OnlyFans

– Top 1% of the accounts make 33% of the money

Knowing all that, why not leave your regular job and start on OnlyFans ?

It’s like a dream come true, making money by posting selfies, clips, and any kind of content you can create. The only limit is your imagination and what are you willing to sell for money. Hearing lots of successful stories allures you into this blissful platform.

Seems like easy money, right ?

“ Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. “

Building the page, making the content, keeping the fans entertained and attracting new fans – all that takes creativity, commitment, energy, time and a tremendous amount of mental strength to deal with unpleasant people. 

Planning and creating the content, preparing those PPV’s ( pay-per-view messages) , posting, interacting, trying to sell as much as possible requires top marketing skills, editing and HR skills. 

A lot of creators struggle and dedicate almost all the 24 hours in a day to do all the above. And because social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok don’t bring as much fans as expected, creators have started Telegram groups to get more exposure for their pages by doing share-for-share posts on their OF pages. 

That transformed their pages into ad pages, where you can barely see any of the creator’s posts – and makes fans unsubscribe and move on to another creator. 

Bonus tip : some creators hire assistants to run their page due to large number of fans ; those assistants do the sexting, ratings, messages so the fans aren’t actually interacting to the creator they signed up for 

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that most creators ruin the content they post by using filters that alter the quality of the photos, clips or videos.

In my opinion, this is another thing what drives away the fans ; if you deliver variety, aesthetic, fresh and valuable content, people become intrigued and interested in what’s next. 

Connecting with fans is always important, it doesn’t always have to be about the money – it doesn’t cost you a thing to send a mass message wishing everyone a great day accompanied by a cute selfie – if you want to feel important, so do your fans. Treat them once in a while!

Praised the fans so far, let’s kick them in the balls now.

There is a special kind of fans, the ex-freeloaders and time wasters of cam sites ( or the social media fappers ) that complain about everything – starting with the price of your subscription ( which in most cases is less than a Starbucks coffee) and extending to why they have to pay for extras when they already paid $5. 

Well, flash news “BB”, creating costs (even on Pornhub ) ; time costs, so don’t expect to give my time for your complaints, and seeing me naked or doing sex stuff costs even more. And no one’s forcing you to stay. 

 If a creator sells you 10 videos for $10, don’t expect high quality or an extraordinary experience – and don’t expect other creators to sell you quality for such a low price. 

Some are focusing on quantity, over quality.

As example, I chose my OnlyFans page to not have any ads, so my fans can see my content only; I respect my fans that support me by tipping and buying stuff by trying my best to keep them diverted and sharing quality content. 

I accept critics as long as it’s about improving my page, on the other hand, my tolerance level regarding entitled idiots is extremely low. 

My focus is not on having an impressive number of fans, but on having quality fans. 

Overall, OnlyFans gives me mixed feelings – it’s not a bad platform to use because  the extra money is always appreciated, but it does consume a lot of energy staying on it as a creator- on top of that I’m a perfectionist so that triples the work I put in; my goal here is to make it worth the time I invest – I love creating and showing off my work 

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