DO’s and DON’Ts in the CAM INDUSTRY (part 1)

DO’s and DON’Ts in the CAM INDUSTRY (part 1)

It’s been a while, and I know you kind of missed me LOL – so here I am 

*Side note* Switching cam sites is never easy, therefore I focused on the new cam site I’m streaming on – before you ask, chill, I’m going to talk about it in my next article 

This  one is about what you should/ shouldn’t do in the cam industry, addressed to both performers and members.

Heads up! If you’re sensitive, it might affect you – but still, deep down, I don’t give a fuck 

Let’s start with performers / models ( I use the term “performer” because adult entertainers are females, males and TS).

Keep in mind, this is my personal opinion regarding my experience in the industry and it might not apply to everyone.

What a performer should DO while entertaining on a cam site:

1.Stay the fuck off your phone ( unless it’s an emergency and then you can log off and solve your situation)

It’s really annoying seeing models scrolling endlessly on a device, while paying zero attention to the audience.

That’s why you aren’t making any money 

2. Fucking SMILE 

Don’t charge for smile or dancing, It’s not a colossal effort to move your lazy ass a bit and tease

3. Keep a HAPPY VIBE

I can tell you it’s a mood killer if you start whining about your financial situation, or any other kind of problems.

Learn to deal with those OFFLINE, so you can do your job well while online.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” —Theodore Roosevelt

4. Arouse  

Even if you start camming after 2015, I can tell you a secret : in the very beginnings of online entertainment, it was all about arousing and performing a sexy, sensual show ,making the people want more and more of you. So do that 

5. Wear sexy stuff not your stained PJ’s

It’s a major turn-on to see a woman wearing a sexy lingerie or dress and a discreet make-up.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort of you to do the bare minimum to make sure you look hot 

6. Try and deliver your best performance

I know, some days are slow, some days you’re just not feeling it, but hey, it’s a job and the biggest part of it it’s about being sexy – so don’t complain.

Learn a bit of acting and practise in the mirror, or take some classes, it does magic once you can put on your “poker face” on cam 

7. Consistency is the key 

Competition is strong nowadays, and it has been ever since the 2010s, since women discovered the art of making money from home 

 Make sure you set a regular schedule and even if you are just starting, or already have experience, if members know when to find you, they will be there.

What a performer shouldn’t DO while entertaining :

1. No money, no honey 

Don’t show anything for free -it’s the golden rule. 

Even if the members promise you the moon and the stars for just a small “nip slip” ,it’s not gonna happen for you.

2. Don’t fill up your holes 

Don’t think that if you shove as many toys and you can fit in, it’s gonna rain money.

As a woman, I can tell you it’s sort of disgusting – and I don’t believe its causing a loooot of pleasure 

3. Don’t pick your nose or yawn

Or sleep. I’ve seen so many performers doing that, and it’s just gross and it really makes people get as far as they can from your chatroom.

4. Don’t be jealous 

That one is hilarious; so many members have confessed they’re creating other accounts to watch other performers because their main favourite is super possessive with their finances .. uhmm , excuse me, with them 

Learn to share, we are all so different and our taste changes at some point.

Just make the most of it while it lasts 

5. Don’t beg or threaten 

Stay classy, even if you are making way less than your daily goal , don’t beg for money.

Remember you don’t have access to member’s finances and it’s their choice if they tip you or not.

Also, don’t put up those fake ass stories in which the world collapses or threaten to leave if you don’t get tipped or paid. There’s plenty more fish where you came from 

6. Never think you’re irreplaceable

Don’t bitch other members or performers, it only makes you look bad

And don’t think you have full control over your regulars, because as I stated earlier, preferences change.

Just be a good performer, do your thing and vibe strong. It’s who you are that keeps members around, so try and be the best version of yourself 

It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success”. —David Feherty

So far so good, scroll down to part 2 for more.

Don’t be afraid to drop a comment or your thoughts, I love reading those ! 

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