DO’s and DON’Ts in the CAM INDUSTRY (part 2)
November 22, 2019
    Back at it again  I’m not done yet LOL, so here is what members should DO while visiting a chatroom :  1.Fucking TIP Assuming you are not an idiot, you must understand the concept of a live cam : while you watch a sexy performer willing to do stuff for you, you TIP for stuff or things you […]
DO’s and DON’Ts in the CAM INDUSTRY (part 1)
November 22, 2019
It’s been a while, and I know you kind of missed me LOL – so here I am  *Side note* Switching cam sites is never easy, therefore I focused on the new cam site I’m streaming on – before you ask, chill, I’m going to talk about it in my next article  This  one is about […]
10 things not to say/do to a cam girl
January 26, 2019
Been a while, but let me tell you what’s on my mind… Being in this industry for about 12 years, I’ve encountered situations and people of all kinds. And that’s cool -I like analysing circumstances and human behaviour (I’m a Virgo after all  – but somehow,I felt I should talk about the peculiar ones, and […]
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