When you think I’m gone, I jump right back in!

Digging for new topics and inspiration for a new post, it came into my mind: Damn, I can write about this marvelous industry *light bulb goes on*

So here we go, get ready.

“Time is the most valuable a man can spend.” – Theophrastus

Lately,I’ve been spending a lot of time reading Reddit and Twitter threads, immersing more and more into discussions of both models and clients.


I’m going to start by saying that models think it’s a super easy and successful business/job, where they can just relax and do nothing, while clients throwing money at them.

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a couch and smile, while making lots of money?

Truth is, this isn’t real. 

It’s difficult, mentally challenging to deal with hundreds of people a day and still keep your shit together.

It’s not easy to become a brand, a name and spend hours and days, weeks and months and years, to grow into being “X” or “Y” in the camming industry.

I’m not gonna argue that, 10-12 years ago, things were much more effortless, and demands were not as high as nowadays. Models used to do a sexy striptease, erotic shows and everything felt so genuine and most, felt authentic. There were no Lovenses, lushes, fuck machines and all these toys that actually barely provoke a fart. 

Yes,I know, times have changed, and technology evolves, but we are still humans looking for human interaction. That’s why the cam platforms, and not only, were created. Ta-daaa!

 In time, models became faker and greedier ; offering illusions and creating bogus stories to get more and more – which of course, affected others that understood and respected the online environment. I see so many models willing to do anything to reach the top ( which is anyway fabricated at the site’s preferences ) and willing to go as low as 5 $ to sell a bundle of videos. In my opinion, they ruin it for other that are truly content creators, ones that are  investing money in quality equipment and time to edit the content (yes,I’m a content creator). Not only, but all these models sell something they’re not eager to send or don’t actually have it. Therefore, clients put us all in the same pot – as liars, deceivers and con artists. 

So wake the fuck up and stop doing bullshits like that – there’s a little thing called karma and it’s going to get you when you expect it the least.

My respect goes to the models that work hard to create their stream, their online shows and content. I can basically count them on one hand… when it should’ve been a majority.

“15 things money can’t buy: Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Now, the other half – clients.

Being in the industry for so many years, I learned to put myself in my clients’s place and that’s how I cultivated the ability to understand their desires, fantasies and offer them what they wanted.

It was simple back in the golden age (beginning of camming), it all came naturally, being sexy and doing things I would normally do with a man I’m involved in a relationship with.

In the past years, it all became a struggle and lots of frustrations whenever logging online – mostly because of the stuff I’ve stated above, but also due to the fact that clients are used to free content or just lurking in the room, hoping someone will save their tokens from being spent. If it would only cross their mind that teamwork can help the model reach the goal and they get a good fap – uhh-may-zing, huh?

Instead of turning only to well-know-to-be-assholes models , why not try a random girl that’s cute and feels lonely in her chatroom? You might get that vibe you were looking for and make someone happy that day.

Even shocking, how would it be to actually pay for content rather than consuming so much data looking for your model’s free videos over queer sites? 

If porn was free, no one would be doing it BTW 😉

Not only, what if you wouldn’t ask for discounts or attention if you don’t support the model in any way?

I get many messages where people engage in a conversation expecting me to offer my time only to them, and then feel betrayed when I say I have to focus on the people that respect the time I’m investing in being online. Bummer! It’s how I pay my bills. 

I don’t think you’d be willing to work for free, then how you’d pay your stuff? 

I have also built friendships with people that probably have never tipped from various reasons, but they knew how to be agreeable and helped me through quiet days.

Creating a connection with a model you like is not only about the money, it’s up to what type of person you are. So don’t be a shit-hole 🙂

Trust goes both ways, so if you are looking for content to post it on your private PH account or trying to exchange with your pals, don’t expect for low prices or discounts either. Some models are aware of all the schemes you might pull on them, and it’s not taking you anywhere.Your presence will end with a big fat ban.

“Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker’s reflection.” -Lady Gaga

That’s all for now – not planning to bore the shit out of anyone 😉

I’m curious about your feedback so I’m offering a penny for your thoughts 🙂

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