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Talk Skype
60 /30 mins

Get to know a bit of me in 30 minutes of awesome talks and lots of laughter!

Talk Skype
120 /hour

A full hour of amazing chilled conversations on anything that crosses our minds!

Naughty Skype
105 /30 mins

Get 30 mins of naughty play! I'm not a genie but I can make your wish come true!

Book a one-on-one Skype Session with me!

You can pick any of these two options: Talk Skype or Naughty Skype 

Get to know more of me and let me discover more about you in a captivating Talk Skype!

Or, we can just get straight to a Naughty Skype and explore our fantasies and fetishes as we engage in a sensual, alluring play!

We can also have the best of both by choosing the Bundle Skype – an enchanting conversation and an erotic play – in a single session !

    Skype Unlimited – Coming Soon!

    Notes :

    •To purchase please click on ‘Book me!’ And it will automatically redirect you to the Shop. Once your purchase is completed, fill out the Contact Form in the same menu – ‘Skype Sessions Bookings’ or contact via email to set a time and date for our session

    •Do not ask for meetings – I do not escort!

    •None of the above listings include EXTREME fetishes or other persons.

    •If you want me to fulfill a specific scenario  that includes different location, set-up, outfits or sexual toys I do not have, keep in mind those would be extra costs covered by you. Please contact me prior to buying the session so we can discuss details.

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