ASMR [autonomous sensory meridian response]

ASMR [autonomous sensory meridian response]


Hey everyone! Missed me?

Again, been a while due to some health issues which I’m dealing with at the moment.Maybe I’ll share sometimes…

Let’s stick to the title and the peculiar phenomenon that’s been increasing in popularity over the past years.
ASMRs are also called “head orgasms” – people describe it as a sensation in the back of the head or neck, triggered by sensory stimulation.

The impulse that causes the sensation can be anything, from a soft whispering voice to strange noises made by common objects, from sounds of nature to a certain type of music.

There isn’t much science behind it, we are all different and perceive it distinctively, and gives us miscellaneous feelings.

Basically, getting aroused or calmed by sounds. That’s it.

Psychologists find it hard to explain, even though they conducted numerous studies, trying to find common ground or the starting point.They discovered a small range of people ( about 5%) that find it sexually exciting, most of the people interviewed said it helps with stress or sleeping issues.
Most of the doctors are skeptical about it, considering the purpose of ASMRs to be used wrongfully.
But there are some that think it could be a useful tool for the future in treating certain conditions and affections.

I used to deal with anxiety and depression back in the days, and been in really dark places of my head. We all have issues right? Important is to fix them and improve ourselves – sometimes we need an extra help or it just takes time to mend.

I watched my first ASMR about 2 months ago, and found it hilarious and curious, but also interesting. Still haven’t found my sound to get a good head orgasm, but I’m still looking.
So then I thought I should try and do it, maybe a good thing will come out of that.
I’m looking to play with angles and things and sounds -btw, whispering is kind of hard, I usually talk quite loud LOL -and figure out if it’s my thing and if I’m doing it right and I will need your help.

Below is my first ASMR ever, it’s much appreciated if you comment your thoughts and opinions about it.



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