10 things not to say/do to a cam girl

10 things not to say/do to a cam girl

Been a while, but let me tell you what’s on my mind…

Being in this industry for about 12 years, I’ve encountered situations and people of all kinds. And that’s cool -I like analysing circumstances and human behaviour (I’m a Virgo after all  – but somehow,I felt I should talk about the peculiar ones, and those I find disturbing so i’ve listed 10 things not to say/do to a cam girl.

1.The abbreviation “BB” -which I figured out stands for babe, baby etc.

I’ve listed specific rules about this word in my room. There are really few things that piss me off in this world and this is one of them LOL. Times are changing indeed, we are moving so fast, but if you don’t have the time to write proper English sentences, I’m just gonna put you in the retard box, seal it and throw it somewhere deep in the ocean. We are all born with a name, to be given an identity, so why the fuck would you call someone “bb”, “baby”, “babe” unless is your girlfriend ? I know I’m not your goddamn baby. Wake up call, in the cam world, we are who we want to be, both entertainers and clients. Don’t ever, even for a second, think that by telling a model sugar names is going to rock her world and thrill her to the bits.

“Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain” – Billie Holiday


2.“You’re a whore, a cunt” etc and etc.”

I’ve encountered many people calling me names and heard and seen much more. Well, news flash, you-the client-, see an image, a broadcast, a feed, a virtual projection of what I as entertainer show and offer you. Never a real thing. The only thing real is the cash you spend on models. The fact that some of the women in the industry chose to take it to another level and be down for meet-ups, it’s their problem, I’m not here to judge. But make no confusion, my dear, you are just investing in a brand, in a service for the good health of your mind and dick.

“Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do.” -Johnny Carson

3.’You are a cam girl, therefore you must be stupid.’

We aren’t anyway the brightest mammals on Earth. Think again. Think harder till hurts. Adult entertaining is not a matter of how smart you are. Camming is a choice, it’s a way to a better life, where you can achieve what you want, and build yourself a better future. During all these years, I`ve learned most of us are educated – or had a “normal” job before – or some are just young and looking to make some money while having fun. And you have to be creative, you have to keep your audience interested, you have to bring originality into your shows and broadcast, and that requires some brains. I am also educated- I’m licensed in Economy, with a master degree in Marketing – but I made a choice that got me this far.

“Time is money, and it’s all I’m having time for.” -Gerald E. Gillum


4. Promises.

Promises are for politicians. We are both providing a service – you as client take care of my needs, I, as an entertainer, offer what you are requesting. Promises don’t work well in this industry. It’s not like you’re going to Apple, getting a phone, and you say “hey, can I take this phone? I promise I’ll be back with the money” right? You gotta pay upfront to get the product or service you want. Promises screwed up trust in this industry, coming mostly from models, promising things they don’t deliver or have ( referring to content such as photos, videos etc). So the rest of us gotta fight that back and reestablish the universal saying ”we are not all the same”

“Magic trick: to make people disappear, ask them to fulfill their promises.” – Mason Cooley



5. Don’t put pressure.

You are still watching feeds of real women, not robots. So we do things as you do- as client. We have the same 24 hours as you do, and we have our own rhythm to process your requests. Even when scheduling something, such as a Skype meeting, unexpected can interfere – and there can be delays.
As an example, working as a graphic designer and latest as a writer for a blog, here are some time tables of how long content takes to be processed:
-editing a 10 minutes video ( up to 2.5 hours) -longer ones – just multiply
-editing a set of 10 pics ( up to 2 hours)
-writing an article (up to its complexity and amount of information needed to be researched- up to 3 hours) On top, add time required to create the content. So next time you complain to someones about being late, think about that.

“Everything negative- pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” -Kobe Bryant


6.Tips = obligation to do what is requested.

Wrong – so wrong.
Many of you have the wrong that if you got the money, you get everything you want. If I list an amount for an item or a thing I do in the chat/private area, then that’s what I do.Just that.If you tip for a flash, and then you ask a flash in “doggy” then you still get just a flash. Don’t expect either to get what you want if you don’t ask ahead. Many confusions start there – models should do everything client want or pay for. And that’s incorrect- models have a choice to refuse and if you use your brain more than your balls, you can be clear about what is what you await from us.

“While money doesn’t buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.” -Christopher Marlowe


7.All cam girls do nudity.

Not everyone is comfortable with being nude in front of others, that is why not everyone is in the industry 🙂 I met successful girls that never got their bra off on broadcast and still made a good living out of it. Blame it on insecurities, on culture, on beliefs, whatever- but in my opinion, it’s a matter of choice. I chose to get naked rarely on cam, because I want to save good part for the ones that prefer a private time with me, on Skype, on private chats or through the content I produce.

“You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.” -Nicole Kidman


8.Never trash talk a model/client .

You can not define another person, through your personal experience with that person. I believe we all have a good soul, what makes us act bad toward each other is a moment of anger, a bad day or a situation that messed us up. Never trash talk anyone, because unless you are living in their shoes, you can not fully understand what that person is going through. You might have received a small part of what the person is, try to detach and understand where is the behavior coming from. We all need a little of psychology once in a while.
Be kind.

“Trash talk is dangerous, especially when it comes from hearsay” -Yolanda Hadid


9.Don’t freeload .

You don’t have to be Bill Gates to show your support to an entertainer. Little or more, everything is appreciated and contributing to a goal. Nowadays, everyone is scrolling through chat rooms waiting to find that one room that is closer to the goal or in a show. Then do a good healthy fap. What you don’t think of, is frustrating for models to stay in a quiet room, trying all kinds of games without any results. Then you could end up dealing with a person I was telling you about at point 8. Interact, show a bit of love and prove you’re not some dumb ass troll constantly rubbing your dick.

“Sooner or later there will always be a cost for “Free Stuff”  – Will Leamon


10.Don’t expect to be remembered .

Accurate for both models, and clients. Unless you established a bond, a friendship or a relationship that’s build on trust, respect and caring, don’t expect to be remembered – I can’t remember you if you said ”hi” 5 years ago – unless you meant something in my life, or you were there with me for the journey. I know you guys like diversity – and beautiful women- , so I totally agree would be unfair from me as an entertainer to ask you to be there just for me.

“Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends” Jackson Brown

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January 26, 2019

Well thought out….planned and written…I was in your room the other night for the first time….jasper56…not that I expect you to remember…Life is what WE all make it…so why not try to make it better for all,and simply be nicer to each other…treat others as you would like to be treated.

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February 25, 2019

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